Is Your Business Overpaying For Phone Service?

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How Does It Work?


show bill your monthly BILL!!!

All Bill needs to get started is a copy of your monthly phone bill. You need someone to make sense of that thing! 

bill finds where to trim the fat

Chances are good that you are paying (or overpaying) for services that you don't need or use. Bill creates a better solution for you using his 30 years of experience.

we implement your new solution

At no cost to you, your new solution is designed and implemented.  FINALLY a knowledgeable advocate that will navigate and orchestrate changes that will benefit you!

A Few Words From Bill Kirk

      Most small businesses overpay for their telecommunications (Phone. Fax. Internet) services. 

On top of overpaying, there has been a shift in many offices, removing/reducing the need for traditional phone lines.  Years ago when the office was the business hub, and all staff worked in the office, traditional phone lines were needed and appropriate.  Many businesses are more mobile now, YET they continue to pay for all the traditional phone lines/infrastructure in the office. Do you find yourself promoting your cell number?  If yes, this indicates your office number(s) is not working for YOU.

      I understand it is not your area of expertise.  No one looks forward to the research and process of a telecom change.  This is where my expertise works for YOU!  Stop overpaying AND you certainly do not need to invest in hardware (i.e. phone system).  A copy of your phone bill and an easy 5-10 minute conversation can be very productive.  Once I get a general sense of your operations and needs, I will propose easy to understand options.  Nothing is done without your approval and understanding.

     Cost savings and better solutions await. I will do the heavy lifting, be your advocate in the telecom maize, and be your point of contact.  You’ve put this off for years.  Fax your phone bill(s) to 330-237-1111 or email to .  How about a 5 minute conversation?  Call 330-237-1111.  It will be time well spent.

What Our Past Clients Have to Say

Our company, a small manufacturer, had an embarrassingly out-of-date and cumbersome phone and voicemail system. There were a number of challenges to fixing the problem, but Bill overcame them all with the result that we have a very functional system that exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased and grateful.

Steve Shechter

RWS Business Services Companies



Thank you! You continue to be my favorite vendor.

Jason Baker

Owner of Baker Company, Inc. Augustine, Florida



Bill Kirk. I love this. My ability to take calls away from the office now and listening to voice messages from my email & see the number they call from! ALL while saving substantial money, this is FABULOUS!!

Jodie Oates

Executive Director of SANEO Akron, OH



We are a small, family owned and operated automotive repair facility.  We were paying ~$265 per month for three phone lines and internet with AT&T.  With Bill’s guidance we have switched providers and our new monthly bill is $135 per month which provides us with the same three phone lines and FASTER internet.  Saving 50% on our previous costs, while getting MORE is outstanding.  We appreciate Bill’s knowledge, and the ease in doing business with him.  He had OUR best interests in mind.  Wish we could save 50% on ALL our bills.

John and Kevin Wharton

Richard’s Garage


The Possibilities!!!​​​​

If you aren't utilizing some of these services than you are underutilizing what's possible.

Add multiple extensions to your business line

Want your business to appear even more professional? Add extensions that route a caller to the correct person or department. You don't need a fancy or expensive system to do that anymore.

get a local or an out of town number... or both

Want to "open up" an office in another state? We can set you up with a local number to offer a LOCAL presence as well as influence the perception of the size of your organization.

ELIMINATE or reduce traditional phone lines 

Separate your business and personal responsibilities, even though you can be receiving business calls to your cell device.

receive your voicemails and faxes right in your inbox

It's much more convenient to receive faxes on your computer and phone where you can actually do something with them. Same goes for voicemail. No fumbling around. It's right in your email.

The cell device has won the communications battle.  Let’s leverage that device and eliminate or greatly reduce traditional phone and fax lines, phone systems and their expense.

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Bill Kirk and Single Number Communications will show you how to manage your communications and gain control between work and personal obligations. Isn't it time to better control business obligations and personal time?

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