Meet Our Sister Company - AngelFax

Bill Kirk Explains AngelFax

On August 3, 2017, Bill Kirk, CEO of SIngle Number Communciations and AngelFax, sat down for an interview with Staci Lambright, of Akron Office Space LLC.

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The purpose of AngelFAX is to strengthen communities, fund nonprofits AND improve fax solutions.  This may seem like a strange combination, but we see it as an elegant way to position an expense many individuals and businesses still pay for.  Switch your fax service to AngelFAX.  Choose from a fax to email solution OR implement a HIPAA compliant traditional fax solution.  The benefit; a MINIMUM of 20% of your monthly payment goes to the nonprofit YOU have a passion for!  Keep your number, pay the same monthly amount, and a deserving nonprofit gets funded (available in all 50 states).